Here is a compilation of several pointers and strategies you can use to solve the problem and finish the Shopify checkout procedure.
We can presume that you use the Shopify checkout system to process orders if your eCommerce store is hosted on the Shopify platform. Most times, the option offers you reliable results, but at times you may need help. If you are finding yourself entangled in the mess of the Shopify checkout not working issue, this piece of writing can prove to be a savior for you!

Let’s give you a nudge on various tips and tricks that can be used to get rid of the issue and complete the Shopify checkout process without hassle. Let’s start off.

Why is Shopify Checkout Not Working?

There could be various reasons making you a victim of the Shopify checkout not working issue. Before you fix the issue, you need to know all the reasons that may drag you into the situation. Below is the list of the most common reasons that can cause the issue you are currently facing:

#1 Shipping Settings Not Done Correctly in Admin

Ensuring that customers can accurately choose their preferred shipping address and method during checkout is crucial. Hence, review your Shopify Admin panel settings to verify that your shipping settings are correct.

#2 Cache and Cookies are Available

Shopify checkout not working issue can also come into view if your web browser is loaded with cache and cookies. Wiping all the junk from your browser can help you fix the issue.

#3 Use of Incorrect Theme Settings

If the theme files in your shop contain incorrect or outdated settings or the theme is malfunctioning, the checkout page may not load properly. As a result, customers may encounter difficulties viewing the checkout page and finalizing their orders.

#4 Checkout Not Enabled or Activated in ‘Test Mode’

It’s essential to ensure the checkout page is enabled in your Shopify store’s checkout settings. If it is not or set to test mode, customers can’t complete their orders in your store.

#5 Conflict with Third-party Apps and Plugins

The integration of some third-party apps or plugins into Shopify’s platform may result in conflicts that can cause problems, such as checkout failure for customers.

#6 Coding Error

To make sure there are no mistakes, such as a.js code that disables the checkout button, it is crucial to carefully review the code connected to the checkout page. Any coding mistakes on the checkout page can hinder customers from completing their orders, resulting in a loss of potential sales. Therefore, it’s crucial to verify all code related to the checkout page and deal with any issues that may arise promptly.

#7 Problems with API or Payment Gateway

Another reason that can make you experience Shopify checkout not working issue can be the incorrect setup of the payment gateway.

Moreover, if there is an issue with the APIs used for processing payments, then also you can find yourself in the middle of the problem you are struggling with currently.

#8 You’re Using a Free Trial

Upon initially launching your Shopify store, it is secured either by an inactive checkout or a password. To enable customers to buy products from your store, you must deactivate the storefront password and activate the checkout feature, which requires selecting and subscribing to a paid plan.

Steps to Fix Shopify Checkout Not Working

As soon as you identify the cause of creating the Shopify checkout not working issue for you, it will become easy for you to fix it. Below is the breakdown of steps you can follow to resolve the checkout not working error.

Step 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Before you proceed with advanced troubleshooting, start with the basics! Make sure there is no problem with the internet connection on the device you are using for Shopify checkout. If you find it drowsy or slow, you may keep on facing the same issue.

To make things up and running, either switch to a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection, or opt for a more optimum data plan.

Step 2: Check Server Settings

To troubleshoot any issues that may be hindering the Shopify checkout process, start by investigating whether any server-related problems are at play. One way to do this is by utilizing a tool like Shopify Status, which allows you to check your server status and determine if any ongoing issues could be impacting your store’s performance. By identifying and fixing any server-related problems, you can help ensure that your customers have a smooth and seamless checkout experience.

Step 3: Cross-check Payment Settings

Another important point you need to confirm is that the payment checkout is configured correctly. You can accomplish the same by accessing the ‘Settings’ page within your store’s admin panel, and then selecting ‘Payments’ from the sidebar menu. Once on this page, verify that all payment gateways are enabled and functional. If you have disabled some payment gateways, consider re-enabling them to help your customers make payments using their preferred methods. By ensuring that all payment options are readily available to your customers, you can help facilitate a hassle-free checkout experience and minimize the risk of cart abandonment.

Step 4: Check Theme Settings

To troubleshoot the Shopify checkout not working error, it’s important to review your theme settings to ensure that they are accurate and current. You can do this by checking for any recent changes that may have caused the issue and verifying that all settings are correctly configured. To access your theme settings, navigate to the ‘Online Store’ tab within your Shopify admin panel and select ‘Themes’. From there, click on ‘Customize’ and select the ‘Checkout’ option. This will allow you to review and adjust your theme settings as necessary. By carefully reviewing your theme settings and making any necessary updates, you can streamline the checkout process and make it free of errors.

Step 5: Disable Third-party Applications

It’s worth noting that certain third-party apps and plugins can potentially disrupt Shopify’s checkout process and result in error messages. To rule out this possibility, temporarily disable any third-party apps on your store and test the checkout process to see if the issue persists. You can do this by accessing the ‘Apps’ tab within your Shopify admin panel, selecting the app you wish to disable, and toggling it off. By disabling any potentially problematic apps and plugins, you can help narrow down the source of the error and take appropriate steps to fix it.

Step 6: Clear Cache from Your Browser

Suggesting customers clear their browser’s cache can sometimes help to resolve Shopify checkout issues that may be preventing them from completing their orders. However, it’s important to note that the steps to clear the cache may vary depending on the browser you are using. To ensure that your customers can clear their browser’s cache effectively, provide them with clear instructions that are specific to their browser.

For instance, when a web browser like Google Chrome is used by a customer, it is easy to clear the cache by clicking the three dots and then choosing Settings > Clear Browsing Data. Thereafter, the user can opt between various choices and delete cache, cookies, and history as per personal preferences. By providing clear instructions for clearing the cache, you can help your customers navigate this process with ease and increase the likelihood of resolving any Shopify checkout not working issue they may be experiencing.

Step 7: Check Shipping Settings

It’s essential to ensure that your shipping settings are accurate and up-to-date to avoid any issues that could affect the customer experience during checkout. This includes verifying that you have the correct formats for all address lines, city names, country codes, zip/postal codes, and other related information. Also, ensure that all other settings for shipping, such as shipping rates and carrier accounts, are correctly setup, both mandatory and non-mandatory. By double-checking these settings and making any necessary adjustments, you can help to ensure that customers can select the right shipping address and method during checkout without encountering any difficulties.

Step 8: Test the Problem

After making any necessary adjustments to your checkout system to resolve issues that may be preventing customers from completing their orders, it’s essential to test the system thoroughly before releasing it to the public. For making this happen, try running a test order, allowing you to find any potential bugs or errors that may still be a matter of concern. This way, you can ensure that your Shopify checkout process is functioning correctly or not and that your customers can make purchases without any issues.

Final Thoughts

Fixing the Shopify checkout not working issue is not rocket science. However, for non-techies, it can sometimes become challenging to resolve the issue on their own.

We hope that by having a nudge on the given points, you can fix the Shopify checkout not working issue. If you are an owner of a WooCommerce store and the same issue is making you bothered, here’s How to Fix Woocommerce Checkout Page Not Working issue.



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