There are times when users end up with lots of frustration with eCommerce sites.  This is because they have invested so much time in exploring products, selecting them, and finalizing them. But, due to the ‘shipping zones not working’ error they can’t get success in placing their orders. If you have experienced the same issue and wondering why Woocommerce shipping zones not working, wonder no more! The fix is simple. However, before that, you need to discover the exact reasons causing the issue. Let’s check them out!

Most Common Reasons Why Woocommerce Shipping Zones Not Working

Several reasons can drag you to the shipping zones not working issue including:

  • Selection of a product with no weight and dimensions
  • Entry of wrong shipping address
  • The shipping zone has no available shipping methods
  • The address filled not supports shipping service
  • There are configuration issues with the shipping career account

Moving on, let’s dig a bit deeper and make you aware of the process of fixing all these causes and making your shopping experience seamless.

Fixed: Woocommerce Shipping Zones Not Working

Check the Weight and Dimensions of the Product

Are you witnessing the ‘shipping zones not working’ error for a particular product? If so, check whether you can see the weight and dimension of the product or not.

Just in case it is missing, there is no possibility of getting the order placed. Shipping is possible only for a product that has weight and dimension. If the eCommerce portal you’re using for shopping has forgotten to mention it, the product can’t be shipped.

Solution: If you still want to purchase the same product, then the only way is to contact the support team of the portal and ask them to mention the needed details.

Ensure the Shipping Address Filled in by You is Correct

Woocommerce no shipping methods available issue can also occur if there is an error in the city name or postal code you have added to the address.

Solution: For getting the issue fixed without hassle, you can either rely on the address validation service or make use of address autocomplete. Both these methods will save you from committing mistakes while entering the address into their desired fields.

Verify if a Shipping Method is Added to the Shipping Zone

If a shipping zone has no assigned shipping methods, the checkout page in Woocommerce will not display any shipping methods for orders with a shipping address falling within that zone.

Solution: A customer can’t get this problem solved on its own as the issue can only be resolved from the end of the eCommerce store with Woocommerce. For that, a name, region, and shipping method should be given to the shipping zone by the eCommerce store. If not even a single shipping method is given to any of the shipping zones, you will continue facing the issue.

Make Sure Shipping Service is Available for Your Address

Another reason that can make you experience the long-going Woocommerce shipping zones not working error can be the unavailability of shipping service to your geographical reason. Apart from that, there is a weight limit (varies from company to company) followed and if it exceeds, no shipping method available error will come into display.

Solution: Get in touch with the shipping service company and check if it ships products to your location. If not, you can add an alternate address of one of your near ones where the shipping facility is available by the company.

Ensure that No Configuration Issues Exist with the Shipping Career Account

Lastly, you may encounter the issue if the shipping career account is not configured properly by the eCommerce store.

Solution: This very problem can also be solved by the store owner only as you don’t have access to any of the backend processes of the store. The eCommerce portal needs to be properly configured for the shipping career account in Woocommerce.

Wrapping Up

Encountering the error message ‘Woocommerce shipping methods not working’ can be due to to several factors. However, determining the root cause and resolving it is a simple task. First, isolate whether the error occurs for all shipping addresses or specific products. Based on this information, narrow down the potential issues and investigate them. Rest assured that rectifying the problem is feasible with this approach.

Finally, we hope that after having a nudge on the points above, you will get to know how to fix the Woocommerce shipping zones not working issue. We wish you a happy shopping experience!

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