If you’re seeking ways to limit product purchases in WooCommerce then you’ve come to the perfect place. You can give your consumers a customized experience by implementing product restrictions in WooCommerce. It will also assist you in gathering email addresses for email marketing. It will entice customers to sign up as members of your business.

Different types of business owners use WooCommerce product limits to design exclusive member experiences. You can limit some products to your special members only. Exclusive members may be eligible for lower pricing than everyone else. As a result, it motivates more individuals to sign up as VIP members.

In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to apply product restrictions to your WooCommerce products.

Why Create Product Restrictions for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce undoubtedly has many uses, but there aren’t many restrictions you can put on WooCommerce products in your online store. You can, however, increase the functionality of your store with the aid of several WooCommerce plugins.

You can customize or personalize the look and feel of your WooCommerce store based on your unique needs by using one of the many strong plugins that Plugin Republic has to offer. This enables you to provide customers with an improved purchasing experience in your online business.

The Members Only plugin enables you to set up Product restrictions in WooCommerce. You have three options for controlling user access to your products: passwords, user roles, and logged-in status.

Plugins to Add Product Restrictions in WooCommerce

Many plugins can be used to apply WooCommerce product limits to your one-page order form. Let’s tell you all about them so you can decide which ones are best for your store.

WooCommerce Chained Products

The linked product in WooCommerce Chained Products is given away as a gift and is not chargeable. The linked product may still be purchased separately and sold at a price. However, if you use it as a chained product, it will be provided free of charge.

For example- When websites offer freebies with the product they use WooCommerce Chained Products. They automatically add the freebie to the cart. You can try this by adding the main product to the cart and may see a freebie also appear in the cart. If customers wish they can buy and pay separately for the freebie.

WooCommerce Product Dependencies

The WooCommerce Product Table and Quick View function well with the free WordPress plugin WooCoomerce Product Dependencies. Using multiple logical principles, it enables you to set sophisticated WooCommerce product restrictions. You can limit the purchase of a product such that only customers who have already purchased that product or who have that product in their cart.

For Example- You are building a website where you will offer WooCommerce customizable products like graduation caps and gowns. You want to put restrictions on hats so that they can buy hats only if they buy gowns.

WooCommerce Grouped Products

WooCommerce Grouped Products are part of the WooCommerce itself, no further plugins are needed. They provide a straightforward method for tying together basic (non-variable) products so that they show up side by side on a single product page or in a quick-view lightbox. Consumers have the option to select which items to put in their trolley or even to put them all in at once.

For example- You are creating a WooCommerce garments store and want to list all the dresses for women, men, and children as separate products on the garments page. To do this, you create a grouped product for garments, add each type of dress within the group, and they will appear on the single product page. Customers can select multiple dress options and add them to the cart.

Summing Up

Product restriction in WooCommerce setup might be difficult, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools. Yet, you have the option to modify your WooCommerce store to best suit your business needs with the use of the WooCommerce Members Only plugin.

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