Good news for iPhone Lovers! Flipkart and Amazon, giant eCommerce platforms, are all set to offer some mega discounts on Apple iPhones during festive season sales.

Flipkart named the deal ‘Big Billion Days Sale’, starting from Oct 7 for Flipkart Plus members. However, other users of Flipkart would be able to grab it from Oct 8. On the other hand, Amazon named the deal ‘Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale’ and it will break out on the same day as Flipkart’s deal. As for Flipkart users, the Amazon deal will be first made available for Prime members from Oct 7 and then for Amazon Non-Prime members from Oct 8.

Have a sneak peek at the iPhone deals that are at your disposal during this festival season sales

Big Billion Day Sale’ by Flipkart is anticipated to go with the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 12. In contrast, the focus of the ‘Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale’ is likely to be more on the iPhone 13 along with other select iPhone models.

Rush before it’s gone!

  • Apple iPhone 14 fans would be able to catch the biggest discount ever during the sale. To date, the iPhone 14 was nowhere showcased for a price less than Rs 50,000. But, Flipkart has teased a deal for the iPhone 14 which highlights 4xxxx. It seems as if the eCommerce platform is going to sell it anywhere ranging from Rs 40,000 to Rs 49,000.
  • iPhone 14 Plus can also make its visit to the list of iPhones that are on sale during Big Billion Days on Flipkart. Special passes are being offered to the users of the platform to access the deals. With the help of these passes, users would be able to lock in the lowest price for the iPhone model. If you are looking for the pass then know that it will cost you Rs 1,999. And, perhaps, you may not get it now as most of them have been sold out, according to a report.
  • iPhone 12 is also expected to make its entry during the sale. At present, the iPhone can be purchased at Rs 48,999, however, during the Big Billion Days Sale – you can get it at the price of Rs 32,999. Although this is not the price listed by Flipkart, it can be grabbed only after using discounts via bank offers and exchange bonuses.
  • iPhone 13 is also likely to charm its buyers with a big discount. Amazon has teased the model with a deal price of Rs 3xxx9. Thus, it may be made available to Amazon users at the price of Rs 39,999 during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. Amazon is also offering bank discounts and exchange bonuses on the purchase of iPhone 13.

Bank Offers on Festive iPhone Deals by Amazon and Flipkart

Amazon users using SBI debit and credit cards may benefit from a 10% discount on the purchase of iPhone 13. Conversely, Flipkart is offering a 10% discount to the credit and debit card holders of ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Now, it would be interesting to see which eCommerce giant will make its mark in the festive season with the biggest sales on Apple iPhones.

Stay tuned to witness the ultimate Apple iPhone deals from Flipkart and Amazon!

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