Shopify store’s aesthetics are not static, it might look different depending on the theme you pick and the adjustments you made. When developing your brand or making a significant brand refresh, you might want to change Shopify theme at some point.

In this article, we will look into the ways to change Shopify theme without losing content.

Why Is It Necessary to Change Shopify Theme?

You will start with a default theme if your business is just getting started on Shopify. However, with the transition to the online store, new stores will now use the Dawn theme by default. The majority of Shopify stores use the default theme, so differentiating your business from the crowd can be extremely challenging.

Fortunately, there are an ample amount of excellent Shopify themes that you can choose for your store. Some are free and for some, you have to pay some amount.

If your brand is well-established and you need a refresh, you can’t achieve everything by altering your present layout. Now how to select the best Shopify theme? Take ideas from the Shopify stores you love the most. It will help you narrow down your choices from the numerous Shopify themes available.

Even while a fresh theme is fantastic on its own, for many people it is just the starting point. Each theme offers a unique set of underlying features that make it an excellent pick for a foundation.

Everything You Need to Do Before Changing Shopify Theme

Before making a change, take some time to assess what is working and what is not working with the present theme. At the end of the day, these modifications are the key point to boosting customer traffic, conversion rate, and sales.

So, the following are some suggestions on what to do before publishing:

  • Customer Feedback: A theme change should ultimately be determined by what will benefit your customers the most. Therefore, survey your clients to find out what they like and dislike about your present website.
  • Observe Rivals: Competing brands give the largest challenge to maintaining and expanding your customer base. How is their store’s appearance? What theme do they use? What valuable ideas or elements you can steal?
  • Is your current theme appropriate? Make a list of all the features of your current store that you like. Does the brand-new theme offer those features? Was it programmed or customized?
  • Ensure that your analytics are set: You should monitor the impact the change has on the performance of your store after you’ve made it. Keep track of your metrics following the adjustment and make note of the date it occurred. Did you get the outcome you wanted?

Change Shopify Theme without Losing Content

Is it possible to change Shopify theme without losing content?

Yes, you can easily change the Shopify theme without losing content. Then what is lost in this change? Well, if we say that the change hasn’t had any negative effects, we may be wrong!

Let’s discuss it!

Content not Affected by the Change

When you switch from one theme to another, your central Shopify data will move without any problems. The theme files are completely unaffected by the change because Shopify keeps this data separate from them.

The majority of the content you had on your site before switching themes will stay. This comprises:

  • Navigation
  • Your WebPages
  • Products
  • Blogs

These components are not a part of the theme, but the store itself. So, they do not lose while switching. They are edited in their own portion of the Shopify dashboard.

Content Affected by the Change

Any changes you made directly to the theme itself will not be carried over when the theme is changed. The template files for a new theme replace the older template files when you activate them.

Here are the changes!

Shopify Theme Editor Customization: It seems that these modifications aren’t carried over to the new theme as each theme has its own theme editor, which opens when you select ‘customize’.

Changes Made to Theme Files: Theme-specific changes are made when the HTML, CSS, Liquid, or Javascript code of a theme is modified. If you want to copy the code to your new theme, you can access those modifications in theme files (get professional assistance when doing this).

Apps for Shopify that Modify Theme Code: Similar to the previous point, your apps may not function properly with your new theme if they modify your theme code. To fix this problem, you can contact that app’s customer support.

Steps to Change the Shopify Theme

  • Go to Online Store > Themes to view your current theme. You can see the current theme of your store right at the top.

You will have a default theme if you have just started: Dawn for newer stores and Debut for older stores.

You can scroll down to see sections for Theme Library and Online store speed (for live sites).

When you download the new theme it will appear in your Theme Library. You can add up to 20 themes to your collection if you’re a serious collector.

Any theme that is currently in your library can be altered using the Shopify theme editor before being published.

  • Starting your customizations before implementing the new theme on your store is a fantastic idea.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this guide useful. Now you can easily change the Shopify theme without losing your important content. If you want to migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce you can check our detailed guide on how to migrate Shopify to Woocommerce.



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