A few studies found that the average rate of abandoned carts across different industries ranges from 55 to 80%. But you can get back at least 30% of the sales you might have otherwise lost by sending a follow-up email, thanks to the WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery extension.

Cart abandonment is a big problem and is not good for online stores as it results in revenue loss.

In this article, we will discuss the WooCommerce abandoned cart problems and the ways of its recovery.

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What is WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Problem?

WooCommerce abandoned cart is when customers add items to their WooCommerce shopping cart but leave the page before finishing the purchase. This may occur for a number of reasons, including unforeseen expenses or they change their mind.

There are numerous WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins available that assist you in recovering those lost sales and increasing revenues, so there’s no need to panic. You can send personalized emails to customers who have abandoned their carts, reminding them of the things they left behind and providing discounts to finish their purchase.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

A WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery is a WooCommerce plugin that assists you in recovering incomplete orders from your store. It happens when a buyer adds an item to their shopping cart and then abandons their checkout. After a predetermined period of time, the status of the cart will become ‘abandoned’. WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery will start reminding the buyer to finish the order by sending cart recovery emails or Facebook messages. 

Here are the ways:

Send Personalized Mails

For abandoned orders and shopping carts, the plugin will send a recovery email to the email address that the customer provides in the request email box when a cart or order is abandoned. Ask them to finish adding items to their shopping cart and, if necessary, give them coupons.

For sending emails follow the steps given below:

  • Make different email templates and schedule them to be sent at various time intervals and set up rules to send them.
  • Send recovery cart emails to selected users.
  • Use the reply-to function to create a reply-to email address. Customers who reply to the recovery email will receive a reply at this address. It is the admin address by default.
  • You can offer coupons along with emails to attract more and more customers. Each email template offers the option of sending an already existing coupon.

Detect WooCommerce Abandoned Carts:

WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery will record the following information:

  • The add-to-cart date
  • The customers’ email address
  • Items added to the cart
  • The cart total
  • Cart status and IP address

 Using this data, you may get in touch with the customers, give them a deal and ask them to finish the checkout process.

Recovery Emails

Send unlimited emails containing abandoned orders. Configure the plugin to send recovery emails to users of unsuccessful, canceled, or pending orders.

Facebook Messages in WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin display a ‘Send to Message’ checkbox next to the ‘Add to cart’ button on individual product pages. Customers should check this box before adding the item to their shopping cart.

The cart will be noted and the plug-in will text the customer on Facebook with a recovery message. Recovery messages include text and links to the checkout page. When customers click on the link, they are redirected to the checkout page with their abandoned cart. For this feature to function, you must have a Facebook app and a fan page.

Wrapping Up

Cart abandonment is not good for online stores, therefore, it’s better to eliminate this problem. We hope the article has given useful information to recover WooCommerce abandoned carts. The only thing you need to remember is that there isn’t one method that is more effective than the others, instead you have to find the best one according to your needs. This is so because each WooCommerce store is unique.  For more useful information, keep checking our website. And don’t skip our guide on Fixed: WooCommerce payment method not showing at checkout.



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