The Delhi government’s exciting project, the ‘Dilli Bazaar’ eCommerce portal, is all set to launch. This platform will make it possible to buy things from the city’s markets using the Internet.

Dilli Bazaar is expected to go live with roughly 10,000 vendors and grow to 1 Lakh in the next six months, said officials. To entice customers to the portal, they stated that the government can provide incentives to the sellers so they will join the 24-hour online marketplace. A portion of these incentives might be passed on to the customers in the form of products that are offered at lower costs.

During the Rozgar Budget last year, the eCommerce portal was announced by the government. The main aim of the platform is to help local sellers in Delhi reach a larger customer base around the world. Officials claim that it will be the first portal of its kind in the nation, bringing together and showcasing to the globe all of the marketplaces in the city. The online shopping portal will allow every trader and retailer to showcase and sell their products in any part of the world. 

A team will be hired for the Dilli Bazaar portal to go to markets and take charge of complete branding solutions. According to an official, “Due to the zero setup cost conceptualized for the platform, the products available on the portal will be cheaper than the price e-commerce companies sell them at”.

Officials further added that the eCommerce portal will operate on the Open Network for Digital Commerce platform, making a specific product sold by a particular business visible at the same time it is made available on other portals. Depending on cost and logistical support, the customer will be able to select the portal through which he wants to purchase the product.

An official stated that with the help of this provision, shopkeepers of Delhi will get a digital presence not only on Dilli Bazaar but also on other renowned online shopping portals. This will certainly open new opportunities for shopkeepers and help them grow.

Customers will have the opportunity to use the search engine to look for a specific store by name or by exploring the market. Customers can access the Dilli Bazaar portal and look for stores in Lajpat Nagar if they wish to purchase terracotta pots from one of the local stores there. A list of all the stores selling pots in the local market would then be given to them, the official said.

The website will also work as a place where you can find trusted sellers from Delhi. They will have a complete list of things they are selling.



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