AdvoCare, a global leader in health and wellness, introduced a cutting-edge packaging method for eCommerce order fulfillment in the latter half of 2022 as part of a deliberate move toward sustainability. The cutting-edge method has been put in place to simplify the packaging procedure for its assortment of dietary supplements, weight-management, and sports performance items.

The I-Pack void reduction technology, developed by Sealed Air, now known as SEE, is a revolutionary new way to cut waste and improve recycling operations. This cutting-edge method creates exactly proportioned corrugated packets that dramatically minimize overall waste and are 100% curbside recyclable. The organization, which is dedicated to a more sustainable future, strives to use less packaging throughout all aspects of its operations.

Modern technology is used by the I-Pack system to compute product measurements in real-time and enable automatic case size modifications. The technique minimizes vacant spaces within packages and optimizes their proportions by perfectly folding each box to its ideal height. As a result, a packing procedure that is effective and minimizes its negative effects on the environment provides maximum product protection.

After that, boxes are tightly sealed, guaranteeing the safe delivery of the contents. SEE creates a new benchmark for environmentally friendly packaging options in the sector with the I-Pack system.

AdvoCare, which sells all of its products online, has decreased the number of parcels dispatched and paid by dimensional weight by an anticipated 30% since deploying the new machine. After the installation, the company anticipates receiving a complete return on its investment in the coming 14 months.

AdvoCare took another step toward sustainability in addition to unveiling the I-Pack. In September 2022, it put 1,068 new solar panels in its corporate office and production facilities, reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The renewable energy source has reduced the total number of kilowatt-hours used each month from installation until March 2023.

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