A recent report submitted by Clean Mobility Collective (CMC) and Stand Earth Research Group (SRG) states that the mounting growth of the eCommerce sector can badly impact our environment in the coming years.

The report named, “Cost of Convenience: Revealing the hidden climate and health impacts of the Global e-commerce-driven parcel delivery industry through 2030” suggests that by 2030, the number of parcel deliveries in the eCommerce industry will get increased to tenfolds, from the present 400 crore shipments yearly to 4,000 crore.

Considering the statement, it means India will emit 80 lakh tonnes of CO2 annually by 2030. If we compare this to other factors that contribute to the release of CO2, it is equivalent to the CO2 created over the course of a year by 20 gas-fired power plants or by 16.5 lakh gasoline-powered vehicles.

On the other hand, the report analysis projects that global parcel deliveries will more than double from 31,500 crores in 2022 to 80,000 crores yearly by 2030. As a result, it is anticipated that by 2030, the worldwide eCommerce business will contribute to a total CO2 emission of 16 crore tonnes.

The analysis emphasizes that over 100 crore trees would need to be planted every year and allowed to grow for a decade in order to offset the emissions produced by the last-mile delivery sector in 2022 alone.

“Decarbonising the sector is not only economically viable and saves India a significant amount in import expenditure but also has co-benefits of reducing and avoiding emissions and air pollution. The data aims to inform governments, policymakers, and companies of the urgent need for action and aligns with Niti Aayog’s Shoonya campaign, which spearheads the decarbonization of the sector”, according to Siddharth Sreenivas, the Clean Mobility Collective’s coordinator for India.



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