Online eCommerce store owners using WooCommerce for their business are always in the quest for adding more choices for their products. With the integration of such an extra feature, they can not only allow their customers to customize their purchases as per their needs but also enhance their user experience. But, to make things happen, there is a need for a WooCommerce product options add-on plugin. With that, it becomes easy for them to add more selective fields to their stores and allow their customers to personalize the products according to their wishlist.

What is the Need for Extra WooCommerce Product Options?

Before you dig deeper and get to know the technical aspects of adding extra WooCommerce product options, you need to understand the need behind whole the hard work.

With the WooCommerce product options, you can enable a range of field options like checkboxes, radio buttons, text inputs, drop-down fields, range pickers, product elements, and a lot more. If you allow your customers to personalize their purchases, there will be enhancement in their user experience and chances of conversions can rise to leaps and bounds.

Moving on, let’s make you familiar with the process of adding extra WooCommerce product options. You can make it done by utilizing many ways, right from using product add-on plugins to exploring WooCommerce product configurators. Here’s how:

Methods to Add Extra WooCommerce Product Options

Offering customization and flexibility to customers is essential to differentiating yourself from the competition in the fiercely competitive world of eCommerce today. The well-known WordPress plugin WooCommerce offers a strong foundation for online retailers, but occasionally you need to go beyond the standard product possibilities. In the guide below, we’ll have a nudge on various methods for adding extra WooCommerce product options.  Let’s roll on!

Method 1

Make Use of WooCommerce Product Add-on Plugins

To allow customers to extend the functionality of their eCommerce portals, WooCommerce offers a vast range of plugins. There are various plugins available that can help you add a wide range of options without putting much effort. With the use of these plugins, it becomes easy for you to not only create but manage product options right from the dashboard of your WooCommerce portal. To name a few, you can consider using Product Add-on by WooCommerce, Extra Product Options for WooCommerce, and Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce.

Method 2

Try Using Variable Products

Variable Products is the native feature of WooCommerce that can also help you add extra product options. With the help of the feature, you can define various attributes like color, size, or material along with allocating different values to each option. This way, you can help your customers select a particular mix of options according to their needs. It is best to use this method when additional options are limited and predefined.

Method 3

Create Custom Fields with Custom Product Tab

If you are looking to incorporate more flexibility to your portal when it comes to adding extra product options, you can make use of Custom Product Tabs. It is a plugin that allows you to create custom fields like checkboxes, text inputs, dropdowns, and then some. Moreover, you can create these fields for a global audience or specific ones as per your need. That’s not all! The appearance and position of these fields can also be customized to effortlessly integrate them into the product page. This method is widely used among those e-business owners looking to provide unique and product-specific options to their customers.

Method 4

Code Custom Solutions with Hooks and Filters

If you are a tech-savvy and have complete knowledge about managing the backend process of the portal then this method can work best for you. With the help of certain hooks and filters offered by WooCommerce, you can get complete control over the customization process. However, you need to programmatically add the product options. For this, navigate to the documentation and developer resources section of your portal and unlock the full potential of customization options within your store.

Method 5

Explore Product Configurators

If being an eCommerce portal owner, you need to deal with highly-customizable products like made-to-order items; this method can be a big savior for you. With the help of these tools, you can step-by-step build your products along with choosing from umpteen options, designs, and materials.

Pro Tip: Make sure the user interface stays simple and user-friendly when introducing more product options. Customers should have no trouble choosing and personalizing their favorite options. To ensure a flawless experience across all platforms, test the settings on multiple gadgets and screen sizes.

In the End

eCommerce stores want to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their customers needs to add extra product options to their WooCommerce platform. No matter what method you choose, by adding extra WooCommerce product options, you can certainly enhance the shopping experience of your customers and drive sales.

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