This article will cover all the points on how online retailers reduce carbon footprints and packaging waste.

In recent years, eCommerce has gained popularity as more and more people shop online for their necessities. But they are not aware that this harms the environment in some way.

The wide range of goods and services that are now offered online, as well as the simplicity and convenience of eCommerce, have all contributed to this transformation.

We can all agree that the Earth is not well-served by our habit of online shopping. We continue to fill our landfills with increasing amounts of packaging, electronic garbage, and used goods, and there is no end to this.

The following points can help you reduce your online carbon footprint. Let’s get started!

Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprints By Online Retailers

Do you know how retail emissions affect the environment? The sale of goods accounts for the majority of retail emissions.

According to industry estimates, 75% of all retail emissions are attributed to the carbon necessary to manufacture, distribute, consume, and discard goods. 25% of the total is directly produced by corporate operations, such as running company vehicles and facilities.


Large, highly automated warehouses are the foundation of a successful business. A crucial factor to take into account is how to power those warehouses so they can function as needed for the business without producing a significant amount of pollution. By 2030, the power generation area will be on the rise, reducing pollution.

Moreover, certain automated sectors do not require lighting systems as the robots do the task efficiently. They are proficient in doing the task in the dark. All in all, by taking these steps you can go green and save the environment.

Product delivery

The use of recyclable boxes and insulated cold chain containers is the best idea for product deliveries. These are once-used packaging, distribution, and delivery. Create programs where you can provide your customers with some rewards to encourage participation.

Use of electric vehicles

Use electric vehicles for reducing carbon footprints. They have cheaper operating and repair expenses than petrol and diesel vehicles, and incentives are available to minimize upfront costs. One of the most effective ways to cut direct emissions is to switch to CNGs and batteries.

Environment-Friendly Packaging

The best strategy to minimize waste is simply changing the way your company distributes and receives goods. You may show your responsibility towards the environment by choosing environment-friendly packaging and reducing box size. For the millions of tonnes of packaging products, billions of trees are cut.

Sell Returned Goods to Other Buyer

What if you could just take the buyer’s returned goods, check them, and repack them for delivery to the other customers without ever having to send them back to your warehouse? Completing fresh orders from returned, ready-to-sell inventory, this kind of actions improves efficiency. It lessens the environmental impact of returns that would otherwise have to travel needlessly across countries. This is also one way for online retailers to reduce carbon footprints.

Consider new Delivery Methods

 In response to client demands quicker delivery, many merchants are reevaluating their distribution plans. When the merchant keeps stock closer to customers and converts stores into fulfillment centers, they take one step closer to the environment. 

With this, they may lessen their dependency on long-distance transportation and reduce environmental effects by warehousing inventory closer to customers and leveraging storefronts as fulfillment centers. Retailers are looking into new technology that can make the final delivery of goods more environment friendly in addition to lowering vehicle emissions like electric vehicles as we have discussed above.

Final Thoughts

Reducing carbon footprints might occasionally seem like a daunting task, especially with intangible climate change contributors like online shopping. It sometimes feels like it will take too much time and cost, and not make much difference.

Our everyday business is the future of our planet. Implementing green solutions to the business benefits everyone globally. So take some steps to go green, with the implementation of some we have discussed above. Also, you can check out our blog on How to Add Extra WooCommerce Product Options



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