As per recent reports, sophisticated malware known as DogeRAT (Remote Access Trojan) is being unleashed through fake Android apps. DogeRAT uses open-source Android malware to exploit sensitive information on the victim’s smartphone, and this also has a long-term impact on banking, ecommerce, financial services, and the insurance industry.

DogeRAT operates through social media and messaging platforms, which are disguised as genuine applications. It gains unauthorized access to sensitive information such as messages, contacts, and financial credentials. DogeRAT takes over the infected device and sends spam messages, makes unauthorized payments, changes files, and captures photos using the device’s camera.

Researchers have discovered that DogeRAT is spread through Telegram Channels by offering its premium version with screenshot capabilities, image theft, and keylogging.

“It is not just limited to creating phishing websites, but also distributing modified RATs or repurposing malicious apps to execute scam campaigns that are low-cost, easy to set up, and yield high returns,” said Anshuman Das, Threat Intelligence Researcher at CloudSEK.


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