Experiencing a Magento exception printing disabled error?

Not to worry. Fixing it is as simple as counting 123.

We will learn how to resolve the exception Printing Disabled error by Default for Security Reasons in this article.

Therefore, before diving deep into the details of resolving this error, let’s first discuss what is Magento.

What is Magento?

Magento is a one-stop online shop solution with many tools and features. It is one of the most effective e-commerce platforms.

So, if you’re seeking a useful E-Commerce platform then Magento is the best choice to consider. Magento already includes PHP, making it simpler for programmers to build eCommerce websites. On March 31st, 2008, Varien launched it using the Zend Framework.

Numerous companies, including well-known ones like Nike, Samsung, and others, have already launched their online storefronts using this open-source platform.

In 2018, Adobe acquired Magento for $1.68 billion to complete its commerce loop. Also, this acquisition will aid Magento’s growth in the enterprise sector.

Let’s get back to the topic!

Magento 1 Exception Printing Disabled Error

Starting with Magento 1.4, there was a substantial change in how to handle errors and exceptions. Earlier versions of Magento would automatically redirect users to error pages, which were unattractive and had security risks. The problem message is now hidden, however, the user is still directed to a terrible error page. This is good from a security perspective, but as a developer, it’s critical to understand errors on the website.

If you want to change how error messages are handled in Magento, change the name of errors/local.xml.sample to errors/local.xml. It shows how to quickly adjust the Magento error functionality so that all problems are hidden but sent to certain email addresses if you open this file and play around with it. This is the far better approach for identifying mistakes without letting the public know about them.

Magento 2 Exception Printing Disabled Error

Magento 2 handles exceptions in a manner that is fairly similar to Magento 1. By default, they are hidden, however, can be easily changed.

Here are some solutions for resolving Magento 2 exception printing disabled error:

Resolving Magento 2 Exception Printing Disabled Error

Always consult the developers and the team running your server if you are not in charge of managing the Magento hosting and backend. They might be repairing and updating something that is giving them this error. After finishing their task, they will investigate this problem.

Then, not all server management services respond to such queries promptly. Things are different. The following methods will be helpful:

Cache Clearance

By clearing the Magento cache you can resolve Magento issues.

To clear the cache from the Magento admin panel:

  • Access the Magento store.
  • Click on System Access Cache Management.
  • To clear the Magento cache, click on Flush Magento Cache.
  • See more Management of Caches by scrolling down.

Enable exception printing errors

To fix this problem, one solution is to enable exception printing, which is disabled by default. This will highlight the precise issues so you may address them. Nonetheless, this is technically possible, so you could use programmers’ assistance.

If still facing issues, Disable cache and reindex your Magento site to make sure your site is using the most recent, updated versions of your files.  It is advisable to clear the cache on the test environment to significantly speed up your finished live site for recurring users.

For Disabling Cache

System Disable > Cache Management>Choose every [checkbox] = Disable > Submit

To Re-index All

Choose All [check-boxes] under Index Management System > Actions=Reindex Data> Submit

Wrapping Up

The purpose of the error notifications is to shield your store from problems. Under ambiguous messages, they conceal the problems. The store owners are aware of the precise errors and how to fix them.

One such error is the Magento exception printing disabled error. We sincerely hope that this brief article helped you resolve the Magento exception printing disabled error. Feel free to leave a comment if you need help fixing any problems.

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