WooCommerce is used by millions of online retailers to manage their online sales. Although it is considered one of the most reliable e-commerce platforms around the world, it occasionally can create problems. One common problem is WooCommerce products not showing. If you’re experiencing this issue, stay tuned. In this article, you will discover the causes of your product not showing issues and how to resolve them.

Causes of a WooCommerce Empty Store Page

There are various reasons why a WooCommerce products page is blank. It usually results from a configuration problem, such as:

  • Concerns with plugin compatibility
  • Faulty permalinks
  • Issues with catalog visibility
  • Configuration issues with the shop page

While some of these issues can be easily resolved, others may take more effort and time from your end.

How to Troubleshoot WooCommerce Products Not Showing Issues?

Let’s examine some typical causes and solutions for products not showing on the products page. For each issue, we’ll go into detail with a step-by-step process so you can quickly solve it.

Cache Clearance from WooCommerce Store

An outdated cached version of your website might be visible to you if you haven’t deleted all of its caches. Make it a habit to regularly clear all caches, including the client-side cache, server-side cache, and WordPress plugin cache, as caching issues can mess with shop page visibility.

To clear the cache on your WooCommerce site, follow these steps:

  • Your browser stores the client-side cache. Each browser has a unique process for deleting caches. You have to check the steps for different browsers.
  • You must erase the cache from your hosting account in order to clear the server-side cache. With just one click from the WordPress admin area, you may erase the server-side cache. If the BlueHost plugin is active on your WordPress site, the admin area’s top menu will include a Caching option. To clear the cache, click on it, then select Purge All.
  • Plugins for caching, such as Jetpack and WP Super Cache, can be used to clear the plugin cache. With just one click, these plugins let you delete the plugin cache.

Catalog Visibility Should be Clear

improper catalog visibility is the most frequent cause of an empty WooCommerce page. When you add products to your WooComerce store, the catalog visibility option is occasionally set to “hidden”. Your WooCommerce page will be blank if it is “hidden” or “Search results only”.

Go to the Products section, then select Catalog Visibility to resolve this problem. Choose “Shop and search results”. After doing this, both the search page results and your WooCommerce page will display your products.

Product Updation After Shop Page Customization

All products may not show up if you customize your shop page. The products displayed on the page must be updated when it is changed. The product won’t display on the page until you update them. If a third-party developer develops your store, get in touch with him and ask him to fix the problem. He’ll finish it promptly and assist you in solving similar issues in the future.

Plugin Compatibility Issues

Some plugins may not work with your WooCommerce page, and they may occasionally appear empty. Certain plugins might not work well with WooCommerce and may result in problems. Deactivating all plugins except the installed WooCommerce will help you fix this issue. When you disable plugins and the shopping page still appears, it is clear that a plugin is interfering with your online store’s functionality.

The next step is to identify the problematic plugin. For that, you must activate each plugin separately and check if the items show up on the website. The products won’t show up when the problematic plugin is activated. Once you’ve located the troublesome plugin, remove it immediately.

Cross-Check Shop Page Configuration

Another problem that frequently arises after installing WooCommerce is incorrect shop page configuration. You can make it correct by following the below steps:

  • Navigate to Products > Settings > Store page.
  • Choose ‘Shop’ from the menu.
  • You can use numerous pages for your cart, checkout, terms and conditions, account, etc. using the WooCommerce WordPress dashboard. By visiting the Advanced area of WooCommerce settings, you may choose these pages.
  • Make sure the correct page is linked to each choice.

Update Permalinks

There is a problem with the permalink if a product is visible on the product screen but not on the shop page. This problem can be resolved by upgrading your permalinks. The common URL format for your entire website is called a “permalink”, which is short for “permanent links”.

Wrapping Up

If a WooCommerce products not showing issue occurs there may be a compatibility problem, a configuration problem, a plugin problem, or a permalink problem. There is no need to be concerned because you can easily fix them by using the above-discussed methods. Yet occasionally the issue might be really serious and call for professional help. Contact WooCommerce experts to fix the issue if you have completed all the stages but the problem still exists. Moreover, you can restrict some products. To know this in detail check our guide on Implementing products restrictions in Woocommerce.



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