Have you ever experienced a WooCommerce Add to Cart not working problem? You’re not sure what’s causing the issue, though, or how to fix it. Even if WooCommerce is appropriately configured in some circumstances, you could still experience issues when running your online business.

The add-to-cart button is not working for a variety of reasons. In this post, we’ll go over the most typical reasons why WooCommerce’s add-to-cart button not working, as well as how to fix them.

Let’s get into it!

Reasons Why Woocommerce Add to Cart Not Working?

We are all aware that WooCommerce is a substantial plugin with numerous features to help you manage your online business. Nonetheless, we frequently use a variety of supporting plugins to increase its capabilities. This will make your company different from others. The more tools you use and the more you customize your store, the more issues you could run into. So, you should know this.

Here are some common mistakes that make this issue:

  • Not updated plugins and/or themes
  • Inadequate product details
  • WooCommerce status issue
  • Cache configuration issue (server and plugin)
  • Clean up the permalinks(URL of Blog)
  • URLs for cart and checkout
  • Make that the checkout endpoints are operating properly
  • Themes and code-related problems with the Add to Cart button.

How to Fix Woocommerce Add to Cart Not Working?

We will try to give you a solution to each issue using the 8 most typical errors listed above in the most understandable way we can.

Not Updated Plugins or Themes

The most fundamental error is also the one that is easiest to fix. You should examine it and make sure that WooCommerce is always updated to the current version before moving further with the debugging.

Developers may release a new version to address compatibility problems and plugin conflicts. These are necessary for WooCommerce to operate smoothly and continually.

To update – WordPress Dashboard> Home> Update

Inadequate Product Information

Another significant but sometimes overlooked impact of the add-to-cart button malfunction is incomplete product information. Please make sure your product has all the necessary details, at least the product name, and price. You should also fill it out for other crucial details like availability, product ID, and product description.

WooCommerce status issue

Go to WooCommerce > Status to check the status of WooCommerce.

Inspect each category to make sure there are no issues in the red line, such as WordPress, Server, Database, and so on.

Cache configuration issue (server and plugin)

Add-to-cart issues could result from issues with your website’s caching of your MyAccount, Cart, or Checkout pages. You should constantly make sure that the URL for these pages is removed from your cache plugin because these sites only contain dynamic material. Thus, to get rid of certain URLs, employ cache plugins.

You should get in touch with your server hosting provider and request help if you’re unclear about where to begin.

Clean up the permalinks(URL of Blog)

You should remove these links because permalinks are another reason why the add-to-cart button isn’t functioning properly.

Save changes by visiting WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.

Click on any of the buttons in the Common Settings section, and then click Save Changes, to update the settings and guarantee that all permalinks are up-to-date.

After that, go back to the original setting and save the changes once more.

URLs for cart and checkout

Go to WooCommerce > Settings> Advanced and check the page configuration option for the Cart page, Checkout page, My Account page, and Terms and Conditions to ensure that your checkout and Cart pages are configured properly.

Make that the checkout endpoints are operating properly

The WooComerce add to cart button may only work correctly when the endpoints are properly set. This issue is also similar to the aforementioned problems.

Here also enter WooCommerce > Setting > Advanced to resolve this issue.

Look at the choices provided in the Checkout endpoints section after that. These are Payment, Order received, Add payment method, Remove payment method, and Set default payment method. Verify that the endpoint URLs do not occupy space.

Themes and code-related problems with the Add to Cart button

Code Related Issue

The add to cart button may stop functioning due to issues with the code, particularly with customized code. Moreover, if the “add to cart” button is not functioning, there can be a problem with the pricing of your variable goods. Under certain circumstances, WooCommerce normally disables the add-to-cart button.

You have to check this also.

Theme-Related Issues

Your Add to Cart button could be hidden for the same reasons as mentioned above and others related to the WooCommerce theme. This can be explained by the possibility that it has particular theme characteristics for your product pages.

Go to Appearance > Personalize > WooCommerce to see if this applies to you. After then, look at the product page’s options. If there is a mismatch between your WordPress theme and your product page then this can cause add to cart button not working issue.


If the “add to cart” button is not working correctly, it will hurt your business and make customers unhappy. Some typical errors that can prevent your Add to Cart button from functioning correctly are given in this post. We have also provided instructions on how to correct them.

Finally, we hope that you got a fix with our tips on woocommerce add-to-cart not working issue.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.



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