Do you want your store to look fabulous? If yes, then by changing theme colors, you can make your store more attractive. You can select the ideal colors, fonts, and images for your Shopify theme. Yes! This is true you can change theme colors in Shopify. You can change the colors in the theme settings if you’re using a free theme from the Shopify Theme Store. You must update the code if you’re using a premium or custom-made theme.

In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in changing the theme colors in Shopify.

Let’s get started!

Steps to Change Theme Colors in Shopify

  1. Open the Admin Panel and Select Online Store > Themes > Customize.

2. In the Typography Tab, you can change the default font, page heading font, link color, product name, product description styles, product price color, and other things.

· To change the font family, set your link to it and add the Google font family under the Custom Title. Choose the Regular Title and the required font from the drop-down menu to change to the regular one.

· Type the required number of pixels to change the font size.

· To change the color, click on the color area and either enter your own Hex code or choose a suitable option from the color picker box and save.

3. Choose Color settings under the Colors tab to change Page Color settings and Color Scheme. If your theme offers a color scheme option:

· Choose the color scheme number from the drop-down menu under the color scheme option.

· Then, you can make changes to the main colors at the top of the color bar.

· Other colors can also be defined as 3, 4, and 5 as secondary colors.

· Pick the one that suits you best for the background.

· To place an image in the background, press ‘Choose a File’ to add a background image, select the image, and to place the image in the background. Then, click on Save.

4. Choose the Checkout Tab to set the colors.

To Change the Colors Individually

To change the color of a specific section use CSS. It will change the particular section rather than the complete website.

  • To access Inspect Element, right-click on the selected element.
  • Once the code panel is opened, look for the Style tab, which contains all the CSS code.
  • Select the color of the text and then copy the CSS rule selector given in the code. If coding is not your cup of tea then take the help of developers.
  • The code is set in the file so you have to change the color inside the file. For this, go to Shopify Admin Panel > Online Store > Themes > Actions >Edit Code >Assets > File (For example- style.css).
  • To find the CSS rule that you want to change press Ctrl+F and paste the CSS selector.
  • Change the color and hit Save.

Switch Between Shopify Themes

If you want to switch between the Shopify themes, there are a few things you have to think about.

First, check whether your store is eligible for a free theme switch. You can switch themes as frequently as you’d like without paying any extra fee if you’re using Shopify Basic or Shopify Advanced plans. 

The other thing you need to consider is that your new theme has all the features which your old theme was having. While some themes are minimalist and only offer the necessary things, others are brimming with features and you can tweak them to add any custom functionality. Finally, you’ll need to spend some time adjusting your new theme to reflect the identity and style of your company. This entails adding your brand, altering the color scheme, and adding any additional component that will distinguish your store from the competition.

Wrapping Up

We hope readers have not only gotten enough information about Shopify theme colors but also learned all about changing theme colors in Shopify. However, it isn’t always simple, and it varies depending on the theme you’re using. If using code you want to change the theme, then you have to take the help of experts.

If you don’t want to lose content in theme switching then check out our blog on how to change Shopify theme without losing content.



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